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Diffuse large cell lymphoma cell lines, (DLCL, ABC type) : OCI-LY3 and OCI-LY10
Diffuse large cell lymphoma cell lines, (DLCL, GC type): SUDHL-4 and SUDHL-6
EBV (+) DLCL : Daudi and Raji
HHV8 (+) lymphoma cell lines: BCBL, BC1 and BC2
HTLV1 (+) adult T-cell lymphoma cell lines: MT2, MT4, SC (derived from Tax-transgenic mice)
Multiple myeloma cell lines: OPM and RPMI

High Through Put Data Analysis

We use Biconductor program for high through put data analysis, including: microarray analysis, comparative genomic hybridization, methylation arrays, single nucleotide polymorphisms.

High Through Put Analysis for Nuclear Localization in Tissues

We have developed in collaboration with Adam I. Marcus, PhD., director of the Imaging Center at the WCI, a protocol for rapid analysis of nuclear localization of proteins in paraffin embeded tissues. Any questions to use this application feel free to contact us.


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