Each year, approximately 7.6 million people living worldwide die from cancer, it is the number one killer in America, according to the American Cancer Society. The mission of Bernal Mizrachi Laboratory is research and study the immune system cancers such as Lymphomas and Myelomas.

It is estimated that 80,710 new Lymphomas and Myelomas will be diagnosed in 2011. Unfortunately, in spite of the advances in therapies, the national cancer institute expects that 36% of these cancer patients will die from these terrible diseases.

Based on the premise that the cancer of each patient has unique characteristics, our lab has focused in creating new technologies that allows matching each patient’s unique cancer growth signals with specific therapies that can block their cancer signal growth effect. Particularly, we pay significant attention at delineating genetic differences that explain the worst outcome produced by racial disparities in these diseases.

Our studies have provided new genetic indicators that could guide doctors to select the best combination of therapies. Our commitment is to improve the outcome and reduce the toxicity of the therapies used to treat Lymphomas/Myelomas. To reach this goal and to promote technological advances in cancer care, our lab depends on your support. Please make a donation to help us to find the cure!


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